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health through DNA Testing

As a health professional, advising clients and patients is the foundation of your practice. Your assessment of each individual client takes in as many factors as possible in order to provide a prescriptive path. Baseline testing, detailed patient history, physical assessment and environmental factors play a part in the process. But is one cutting-edge diagnostic tool missing that would give you greater insight and knowledge into their health?


What if there was a way to gain greater insight on a client/patient based on his/her personal DNA? Customizing a health, fitness, and nutrition plan based on DNA results will give you a huge advantage in creating and supporting his/her optimal health. Medical breakthroughs in the field of genomics have furthered our understanding of human potential and have created a whole new field of enlightened customized healthcare.

Armed with an Xfinity Health & Wellness Genetic Test report you can feel confident in providing details to your client about their specific DNA that will undoubtedly support and enhance any health advice you give. This factual data is the cornerstone in shifting away from generalized advice. Clients are more likely to be compliant if they understand and accept the validity and see results. We now have the ability to address genetic factors that guide us towards a much more targeted program that is like no other.

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The Testing Process

1) Go online at, and activate your DNA test Kit:
– Register the barcode you will find on the envelopes;
– Confirm the DNA service you purchased or wish to purchase;
– Get the Verification Code and write it on envelope #2
– Complete the form;

2) Don’t eat within 30 minutes before to do the test and anyway wash your mouth by rinsing thoroughly with water, especially if you consumed coffee or tea in the past 30 minutes;

3) Remove both the swabs by the handle without touching the sterile tip. Don’t touch the tip of the swabs to any object other than your cheek;

4) Insert the tip of the swabs into your mouth. Brush and rotate the swabs firmly against the inside of your cheek for 30 seconds; DO THIS INSIDE BOTH THE CHEEKS.

5) The swabs will now be wet and should be left to dry for 5 minutes. Do not place the swab directly into the envelope after collection. After the 5 minutes of drying, you can place the two swabs into the collection envelope #1;

6) Insert the small collection envelope #1 into the return envelope #2 together with terms and condition signed. Include also the Drug Sensitivity form ONLY IF YOU DECIDED TO PURCHASE THE DRUG SENSITIVITY REPORT as well. Then seal shut and keep the envelope indoors at room temperature until you mail it.

7) Refer to the MAILING ADDRESS LABELS, choose the address based on your location, peel that label and place it on envelope number 2;

8 ) Your genetic journey has begun! You will receive your unique genetic report within 6-8 weeks after your sample is received at the Xfinity Lab laboratory.

Personalized Medicine Test

  • Identify how your body will respond to more than 85% of the medication available today;
  • Assists your physician in prescribing the correct medication and dosage from the beginning;
  • Make more precise, personalized and safer medical choices;
  • Reduce the trial and error process, achieve therapeutic results and avoid adverse drug reactions;
  • Learn your medication metabolism rate;
  • One test, one time gives you a lifetime of understanding about your health;