The Xfinity Lab Skin and Anti-Aging Test uses a client's unique genetic information to empower them to take more effective care of their skin to delay aging and develop healthier, more beautiful skin.

The Xfinity Lab Skin and Anti-Aging Test provides clients with the unique genetics that define their skin health. The test utilizes genes involved in skin repair, maintenance, hydration, and defense, as well as related factors such as oil production and essential vitamins. Using a client’s unique DNA, Xfinity Lab’ Skin and Anti-Aging Test provides recommendations on how to better protect skin, keep it sufficiently hydrated, avoid irritation, reduce inflammation, and enhance repair. These recommendations empower the client to take action, making changes to their diet, supplements, and cosmetic products to help delay the aging process and maintain healthier, more beautiful skin. And we know skin care is expensive – a genetic test can help a client better direct their limited resources to optimize their personal skin care.

Some people's genetics predispose them to wrinkling, sun damage, and skin spots. Knowing their genetic information can help them choose the right products to counter these effects and prevent damage in the future. Individuals deficient in vitamin A or predisposed to wrinkling may benefit from creams with retinoids, which help boost skin renewal.

People with pigmentation deficiencies or higher sun-sensitivity may benefit from products with aloe vera, vitamin D, and sun blocking components. People with higher oil production can use masks and certain creams that can help reduce oils that clog pores and leave them prone to infections that cause pimples and acne.

Diet is another tremendous part of good skin health. Knowing vitamin predispositions for essential vitamins A and D can help a person maintain health and clear skin by adding more foods rich in these vitamins to their diet. Some people are also naturally better at fighting free radicals than others – these people can adjust their diets to improve their antioxidant intake with fruits and vegetables such as blueberries, spinach, or brussel sprouts, as well as nutritional supplements.

Skin health is essential for both men and women. Xfinity Lab’ The Skin and Anti-Aging Test doesn’t just appeal to the beauty market – people looking to simply improve the way they feel can also benefit by learning the genetics that defines the health of their largest organ – the skin.

The Xfinity Lab Skin and Anti-Aging Test is the most comprehensive test on the market, providing information on 26 unique genes associated with skin health. In addition, Xfinity Lab continues its focus on delivering information in a clear and intuitive way that emphasizes action that can be taken.