Your response to a specific drug can be affected by inherited genetic variations. Pharmacogenomics (PGx) is the study of how individual patients respond to specific medications based on their genetic make up. Using the latest discoveries in PGx, the Xfinity lab Drug Sensitivity Genetic Test profiles and analyzes your unique genetic characteristics in terms of drug effectiveness and safety. Knowledge of your genetic information can guide you and your physicians to make more precise, personalized and safer medical choices.

An Xfinity Labs Drug Sensitivity Genetic report is both predictive and preventative to assist your physician in prescribing the correct medication and dosage from the beginning. Ask your physician now if a Drug Sensitivity Genetic Test from Xfinity lab is right for you.

Make Your Medication

Treatment Safer and

More Effective

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Have You Ever Wondered?

  • Why some people experience adverse drug reaction, and others do not?
  • Why do you need a review of your current medications when a physician prescribes new drugs to you?
  • Why do you have slow or no improvement in your symptoms after trying several types of drugs?

The Xfinity Drug Sensitivity Genetic Test determines your metabolizer status for each medication:

Ultra-rapid metabolizer

  • Breaks down medication rapidly
  • May not get enough medication at normal doses
  • Medication may not provide any therapeutic benefit

Intermediate metabolizer

  • Breaks down medications slowly
  • May have too much medication at normal doses
  • Medication may not provide the expected therapeutic benefit, or side effects may be experienced at normal doses

Normal metabolizer

  • Breaks down medications normally
  • Medication provides expected therapeutic benefit

Poor metabolizer

  • Breaks down medication very slowly
  • May experience side effects at normal doses
  • May have too much medication at normal doses

A New Standard of Preventative Healthcare

Xfinity Labs Drug Sensitivity Genetic Test offers patients and physicians an integrated approach to healthcare. Knowing your genetic information allows you and your physicians to:

  • Lower risk of adverse drug reactions
  • Prevent prescription drug abuse (specifically opioids pain relievers)
  • Attain optimal drug therapy with suitable medications and dosage
  • Reduce the trial and error process of prescribing new medications
  • Reduce personal health care costs, in the long run, improves treatment compliance